Cinematographer │Film Director

I was born in Goya, Corrientes, Argentina. Since I was a little kid, my dad taught me to live among plants and nature, and with cameras and music. My mum taught me to think critically and be sensitive. I lived in the countryside and the city, where I learned what it is to see the horizon without limits and surrounded by the river and amazing sunsets.

At the age of 11 I was already filming family vacations and my sisters’ birthday parties. I was fascinated with playing games consisting of building ideas and capturing moments. At the age of 14 I already took pictures using reflex cameras and I won a photography contest in high school.

I graduated from filmmaking at university and I also attended courses and seminars to fulfill my diversity of interests and urge for knowledge. Today these tools are assets whenever I am on set or working on a new project. I found that it is through a camera that my inner child can still play, enthusiastically building ideas and transmitting sensations and communicating feelings.

I truly and passionately love what I do.

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