Emilio Petorutti - El Improvisador (1937)


My parents still have these painting at their home. I always kept it on my mind. Nowadays, I can re-connect the painting with my actual activities: I love jazz and playing the guitar but mostly I found something huge when I have to improvise.


At home, my dad used to have a guitar, an organ and a flute and a lot of things to make some noise. In Goya, specially in summertime, the electricity used to go off very frequently. I have the memory of getting home for dinner, after playing on the streets all day long, and mum and dad were singing songs with candle lights.

When I was 14 I started taking guitar lessons, but I only could take them for 3 months because of a surgery in my right ear. Then, I decided to keep studying on my own. At that time, I noticed that I needed to find my own sound.

I decided to take back my guitar lessons when I was 22, but now living in Buenos Aires. I also went to the National Conservatory. Then I studied trumpet lessons, for 4 years.


I can listen to music, decode it in a mood and I love to find the perfect image that fit that music. As well as having an image and explore to find the perfect music that suits that image.

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